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Does the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado High Country have it ALL?


Now, in no particular order, starting with my likes, my like number one is that this is the most tested GM product ever produced. In fact, reading some materials, they say that they’ve got seven million miles of real world testing on this truck before it came out for you guys, and they even said that they sent several models home with people to kind of work and test out all the bugs and catch anything before it was actually made available to you guys so it’s really good to know that this vehicle was heavily tested and then hopefully it’s very reliable and stands the test of time.

Rear View Mirror

My like number two that’s actually two different things, we’ve got our rear view mirror and the rear view mirror on some trims can give you a rear camera so you can flip a little switch on it and then you can see behind you, you can see, you can zoom in, you can change the brightness, you can move it up and down, it’s really handy and I actually leave it on pretty much all the time.

Surround Vision Camera

The next thing is the surround vision camera. On our big, eight inch screen right here, we’ve got an option for a surround view camera where you can see the sides of the vehicle, the front and the back of the vehicle, have a hitch guidance line, it’s one of the best all around cameras that I’ve seen and it’s very helpful in tight situations.

Improved Backseat Space

My like number three is the backseat. They made some improvements to that and before this was not on par with like F-150 and Ram, the Tundra, those were all bigger than this in the back seat but now, they’ve got three more inches of leg room, we’ve got storage in the actual seat back which is really nice. We’ve got A/C vents, charging ports, a handle for back seat passengers to get in. Overall, a really awesome package back there. Very practical.

Large Cargo Bed

My like number four is the ultra-practical bed back there. So, there’s a lot going on back there. It’s wider, it’s class leading in cargo volume, we still got the large corner step bumpers to make it easy to get back there which is handy. You’ve got 12 fixed tie-downs rated at 500 pounds per corner, which is just awesome. There’s a lot that you can do with it. LED lighting, power tailgate, it’s really nice.

Several Pawertrain Options

My like number five is the fact that you’ve got options. You’ve got options for trim levels, we’ve got eight different trim levels, they’ve got some that are, you know, like the work truck, you’ve got the mid-trim levels, you’ve even got more road-bearings like the Trail Boss models, luxurious like LTZ and High Country, and then you’ve got engine options, power train options, six-speed, eight-speed, ten-speed transmissions. Three liter diesel, four cylinder turbo, a couple V-8’s like the 5.3, the 6.2, even a V-6 so, you’ve got a lot of options.

Missing items from Sierra

Now, in no particular order, with my dislikes, my dislike number one, especially coming out of this Sierra right before this, is that we’re missing few things and a couple things right off the top of my head is that we don’t have the multi-pro tail gate that the Sierra has. Some of you might think it’s kind of gimmicky, but it could really come in handy sometimes, there’s a lot that you can do with it. We don’t get it here, we also don’t have the adaptive ride control which, in that Sierra, I think it made a big difference in how smooth it was and how it handled in terms of being level around corners, so, I definitely miss those in this Silverado.

Dynamic Fuel Management

My disklike number two is the dynamic fuel management system. It’s just more complex than the active fuel management system which, I’m not a huge fan of cylinder deactivation anyways and Chevy says that it made it so it should reduce vibration and you really shouldn’t even notice it, but, the gains are minimal in terms of miles per gallon and my realized time with this truck, I actually got worse miles per gallon by maybe about a half mile per gallon or one mile per gallon compared to last year’s 2018 High Country. So, more complexities, minimal returns.

Auto Stop Start

My dislike number three is the auto stop/start system. Now, I get it, it’s for fuel economy, you can turn it off, but it defaults to turning back on every time you start the vehicle when in this 6.2 liter, it’s really obtrusive. ┬áIt’s kind of got a mind of it’s own before I even actually get a chance to accelerate but, when you’re stopped and then when you want to go, and I have a pretty quick foot from the brake to the gas, it’s … you feel it a lot more than I remember in the 5.3 liter, and it’s a little slower to where you got to wait a second before you can actually accelerate and I just don’t like it.

No Avaible Radar Cruise Control

My dislike four, we’ve got all the safety features, you know, blind spot, lane keep assist, all that, but there’s no radar or cruise control. I don’t understand why and, you know, some of you don’t care, don’t really want it, but it’s just not available.

Expected More for the Interior

My dislike number five is the interior as a whole. There’s really nothing wrong with it. A lot of people would be perfectly satisfied with it not matter what trim level you get. It’s functional, it does work well, but it’s more evolutionary than revolutionary when you have Ram who just came out with an awesome interior, very practical, moving stuff, even the F-150 has a nice interior, too, you know? Compared to the F-150, I don’t know, I haven’t been able to spend time in the F-150 yet, but I do get one next week. However, it’s just not what I was expecting. I saw it and I was like, “Is that it? Really?” Like, it just looks pretty much the same. It’s, like I said, it’s functional but I honestly think I prefer the 2018 at least cargo area, center console area, more than this 2019.

And a couple of things on the interior is, at this price point I was expecting power pedals, we got power pedals on the last interior. The seats, these are 10-way power. I’m pretty sure it was 12-way power before and the steering wheel is just manual telescoping and tilting when it could be power. Just a couple of things that they didn’t include.

So those are my five likes and five dislikes. Like I said, I do have full reviews of this vehicle, of the LT Trail Boss, the Sierra Denali, so please be sure to check those out. Thank you all so much for tuning in, I’ll catch you next time.

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