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2019 Ford Ranger XL: Here’s everything you need to know



My like number one has got to be the power and the capability of this thing. When you look at mid sized trucks, you got the Tacoma, the GM Twins, the Ridgeline, the Frontier, this can tow 75 hundred pounds which is more than any vehicle for gas, only the diesel Colorado GM, or the GM vehicles with the diesel can out-tow this by a couple of hundred pounds. But this has over 18 hundred pounds of payload, so once again Ford comes out as a top leader in the capability department. So for a mid-sized truck you can do a lot with this thing.

Quite Ride

My like number two is for a mid-sized truck this has a quiet ride. Even on some louder, rocky, rougher textured road this thing was still quiet. You can carry on a conversation in here. And I wasn’t expecting that for, one a base model and two a mid-sized truck. So I’m happy to see that Ford made this thing still fairly quiet. With one exception, this four cylinder turbo does not sound very good and I think there’s some noise being pumped in here. But other than that it’s a nice quiet cabin.

Well Mannered On-road Driving

My like number three is this is a fully boxed frame, which is good, it’s a real truck on a real frame, but it drives pretty well for being a fully boxed frame. It drives like a truck should. There’s some bumpiness, some jitteriness, but handling and overall ride comfort, it’s pretty good and well mannered and I think it’s better than it is in the full sized trucks, and it’s pretty comfortable to be in.

Off-road Features and Capability

My like number four is the off road worthiness of the Ranger. Now my model doesn’t have everything that it could have. This is a four by four with a rear locker. But there’s gonna be a Ranger Raptor and at least hopefully, and I can’t wait to see that and hopefully Ford sends that for us to test out. But we’ve got rear locker. That’s something that we have even in this truck. You’ve got you’re trail control. Which is basically like a cruise control for off roading and you can even use it up to 20 miles an hour and it doesn’t make that awful sound of the ABS, the gas and the brakes working like it can on some others. And then you’ve got a terrain management system that can shuffle through different terrains to help the truck be smart and know the best way to get you through whatever you’re going through. So off road capability is good, we’ve got pretty good ground clearance, and overall, I mean that’s something that you’ve got to expect with a truck.

Very Well Rounded

My life number five is it does everything really well. It’s a very well rounded mid-sized truck. There’s not a lot that you can complain about. It’s got good power capability. It’s efficient. I’ve been getting about 21 miles per gallon so far, and most of my time with this with mixed driving, it’s definitely pretty efficient. It’s comfortable, it’s got enough space, I can fit in the back seat as a 5’9″ adult sitting behind myself. There’s a lot of available features as well, once you get to the lariat trim. So it’s just very well rounded and it just does a lot really well.

Only One Powertrain Option

Now it’s time for my dislikes, in no particular order, and some of this might be nitpicking, but starting with dislike number one, it’s the fact that there’s only one powertrain option. It’s a four cylinder turbo, 2.3 liter and it’s powerful, it’s adequate, it’s got good power, there’s no doubts about that, but I personally would like to see at least a V6 available, maybe an upgraded eco boost engine available, or even a diesel to compete with some of the other trims, or some of the other mid-sizers like the diesel Colorado, the V6 of that, and the other ones offered. But that’s all you get and it’s a ten speed automatic transmission which does really well, but it would be nice to see a manual offered as well, considering the Tacoma I was in recently offers a manual.

Dash Rattle

Dislike number two. Might just be this particular truck, but there’s only about 2,000 miles on it and there’s a rattle. I haven’t heard it in the short time I’ve been filming right here, but off and on I heard it. It’s coming from the dash, there’s the hard surface, that kind of looks like a soft surface here which is fine, but then past that there’s some plasticy areas next to the headlight center where the pieces come together and it’s been rattling. I can put my hand on it and it will stop, but I don’t want to have to do that. And I don’t want to have to take it apart and dink around with it when it’s only got 2,000 miles. But I can’t stand rattles, and hopefully other trims have different dash layouts here, but that’s my dislike number two.

No Split Folding Rear Seat

My dislike number three is in the back seat. The back seat is plenty spacious and there’s some under seat storage, but when you fold the seat up, it’s just one long bench seat. There’s no split folding option where you can fold up one side or the other side. If you want to fold your seat up the whole seat’s got to be up. So if you want to put something on one side under the seat, you can’t have anybody sit back there ’cause the whole things got to be up. You can fold the back part down, but it’s kind of clumsy and it just doesn’t go flat. It’s not that easy using it, I probably never would do that, there’s no storage behind it either. I wish that they would at least give us a split folding option back there to at least be able to carry a passenger and some extra equipment in the back.

Ultra Basic Base Trim

Dislike number four is how ultra basic the base model is. And that can be a good thing if you get this for fleet purposes or you just want something simple and bare boned and basic, that’s awesome. But if you want to get a cheaper mid-sized truck, it’s going to be pretty darn basic. It starts at about 25,000 two wheel drive, super cab and then this one is still the XL which is a base model. We have the equipment group 101A that has some extra stuff added on to it, and it’s $35,000 and quite frankly, I don’t think it’s worth it. I think that that’s just overpriced and that’s just the way it is with a lot of these vehicles nowadays.

For example on that base model, you don’t get power door locks, you don’t even get a cruise control. Your mirrors aren’t even controlled powerly. You have to manually tilt your glass, so those are just a couple of examples.

My dislike number five is there’s no LED headlights or LED taillights unless you get to the Lariat trim, the top trim. So you got to spend quite a bit of money if you want to have those as standard features. Now obviously you can buy your own HID or LEDs and put them in, but it would be nice if they offered it, because LED performance or HID performance is just so much better than the halogen here. It’s just a way to cheap out in my opinion.

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